### Two Open Source Apps for data protection ###

Jose Damico damico at dcon.com.br
Sun May 4 17:27:06 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I've developed 2 small/simple/open-source Android apps that can be
useful for data protection in mobile devices:


Yapea: Yet Another Picture Encryption Application



SecNote: Encrypted Notepad for Android



Both applications, has these features:

  * Encryption Algorithms:

        Symetric encryption:

        AES (CBC/PKCS5Padding)
        Blowfish (CFB/NoPadding)
        The Initialization Vectors are generated based on unique data
        from the smartphone.

  * Type of encryption key:

        Length: 256 bits

        Generated through key derivation (from user-defined password)
        with PBKF2 algorithm. The salt are generated based on unique
        data from the smartphone. The key is stored inside a
        configuration file, at smartphone file system. This file is used
        for password verification at first time of application use.
        After that the key is encripted and stored inside smartphone
        memory (cache). But at anytime the user can choose to delete the
        encrypted key from memory (Clear cache).

  * Application reset: At anytime the user can choose to dump ALL
    application data, including encrypted images and configuration.

  * Panic password: A password that can be used to delete all encrypted
    images. In a case where user is forced to give its key. (If you're
    traveling overseas, across borders or anywhere you're afraid your
    smartphone might be tampered with or examined).

  * Languages: English and Portuguese


Best Regards,


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