the Great Filter of private communication

rysiek rysiek at
Mon May 5 07:03:25 PDT 2014

Dnia niedziela, 20 kwietnia 2014 17:05:59 coderman pisze:
> we have the maths! we have the technology!
> ... yet actual robust, private communications remain elusive.
> where the "Great Filter" thwarting our privacy codes?
> is it usability; anything more than invisibly automatic a failure?
> is it cost; anything more than zero too much to bear in the market?
> is it correctness; anything less than a single mode always secure, broken?
> perhaps all of these above, each a requisite element of robustness,
>  further compounding the difficulty of realizing an ideal.

No, it is only the users not valuing their privacy. It is the generation gap 
happening several times in the lifetime of a single generation[1]. It is new 
and new technology that nobody really understands, and hence most decide that 
they can't do anything about it.


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