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> because it quantifies explicitly the role individuals have in collective
> economic activity, and thereby gives a method for explicitly holding
> persons proportionally responsible (in both credit and blame) for their
> contributions to that activity.

This sort of mechanism is explicit with the corporate structure. The
suggestion that "Payout% = responsibility%" is highly simplified compared
to the current real-world complexity. Not to mention that usually payout
means everything is A-Okay.

> But I think that's a much more radical proposal than the one I've offered
> for Strangecoin, and I should probably only be defending that here. =)

Yeah. Because I really don't see the interesting properties emerge from
Strangecoin as described. Bitcoin has this issue where people think it's
things it's not. In money human perception is vital. Yet (economic) reality
eventually persists trough any veil of beauty.

Strangecoin *seems *to have nothing but very a-typical properties.
Afterwards you seem to describe some properties you'd really like to see. I
cannot judge how well you achieved them.

Even when you've modeled a good ideal-world, there's still the journey
there. With Bitcoin the journey is pretty solid (we're seeing it). The
final situation is a subject of much speculation. I suspect Satoshi just
checked his own value in the final situation and decided "Awh, what the
hell", given it can't go wrong.

So, does Bitcoin have any desirable (inherent) property except that it'll
spread? Maybe, but it would only be that of cold-hearted economics. The
kind humans are exceedingly bad at. Human Failure, much more than economic
failure, causes current situations.

Human Failure is encouraged by soft-economics, as it reduces the penalty
for failure. Things like picking the wrong bank, not spreading risks, etc.
There's no course in primary school for evading Human Failure in this
aspect, even though it's the very core of humanity's current existence. Any
speculation as to why?

Either way, no currency alone will solve Human Failure. Even if Strangecoin
would have very nice properties there will be misunderstanding of it, and
it will be applied wrongly in nearly every situation. It will fail less
than it should, because the "brick wall" that should be hit will also have
the same misconceptions about finance.
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