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Scott Blaydes scott at sbce.org
Fri Mar 21 23:23:32 PDT 2014

On Mar 21, 2014, at 6:17 AM, dan at geer.org wrote:

> | DNSBL for known intelligence community IPs? Sure they rotate a lot, but
> | if we can make the cost of doing business higher and higher with no real
> | benefit, someone should eventually cut the funding. Start tracking what
> | companies are providing IP services via contract and then blacklist the
> | IP blocks of those companies. I really don't care if I ever get an
> | email from Stratfor or they ever visit any of my sites.
> | 
> | Had the idea all of about 60 seconds before trying to write it down, so
> | I am sure I am forgetting something (or somethings).
> This is the future, Sir, a dramatically balkanized Internet.
> What you suggest is what many, perhaps most, countries wish
> at the level of state policy.
> 12mars.rsf.org/2014-en/enemies-of-the-internet-2014-entities-at-the-he
> art-of-censorship-and-surveillance/
> Today is the golden age of search.  Savor it.
> --dan

If the traffic is garbage (NSA fake social media accounts, intrusion attempts) what is the difference from stopping spam or bonnet traffic? Is some intel operative’s traffic wanted anymore than the 419 spam from kids from a 3rd world country in a cyber cafe? I guess I don’t see this as censorship since I am blocking due to the type of traffic, not what is being said. There are already some programs that block traffic to and from known malware sites, who cares if the malware comes from the NSA or Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency?

Maybe John McAfee needs to take his company back and release something that really tries to protect you. Buy the Platinum Edition and get a free suppressor! (Offer not valid in Belize)
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