"I hunt sysadmins"

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Thu Mar 20 22:54:14 PDT 2014

On Mar 20, 2014, at 7:15 PM, coderman <coderman at gmail.com> wrote:

> can such a tasking pass my PCI PA-DSS audit for me??
> "Imagine a master list of all admins of all networks on earth..."
> 'Inside the NSA's Secret Efforts to Hunt and Hack System Administrators'
> - https://firstlook.org/theintercept/article/2014/03/20/inside-nsa-secret-efforts-hunt-hack-system-administrators/
>   also, slides:
>      https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1094387/i-hunt-sys-admins.pdf
> """

Instead of Zuckerburg calling Obama to complain, how about blocking all federal government IPs for 24 hours? Even better, how about Google? Just call it an “outage” due to having to spend extra time on encrypting all of their traffic between data centers.

DNSBL for known intelligence community IPs? Sure they rotate a lot, but if we can make the cost of doing business higher and higher with no real benefit, someone should eventually cut the funding. Start tracking what companies are providing IP services via contract and then blacklist the IP blocks of those companies. I really don’t care if I ever get an email from Stratfor or they ever visit any of my sites. 

Had the idea all of about 60 seconds before trying to write it down, so I am sure I am forgetting something (or somethings).  
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