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Q: "Onions are fragile and sporadically un-available."

 A: that's not a question ;)  see also <lots of Tor trac numbers here>

Q: ".. How do faster soliderer onions?"

 A: glad you asked, earth human!
    for a limited time only!!
        [ ... shipping and handling not included, ... ]
   + with consensus, namecoin to a set of consistent or rotating onion URIs
   + concurrent hidden service endpoints to map addresses aggressively
   + concurrent ipv4 or ipv6 addrspaces to hidden web services on TCP/DNS
   + including those discussed built on multi-homed stream transports
to the mapped endpoints

Q: "How do you trust shady ipv4, ipv6, openssl, zlib, libevent, http,
smtp, wtfp web attack surface?"

 A: clearly you should not.
    a legit op accrues pwn pot as show of good faith...
     [swelling pool of shadydogecoins for great justice!]

Q: "Where is it?"

 A: ,, hah! almost got me!  .. i know nothing.
   [ i hear the gruqq awaits to check your opsec at the subscreen? i
was hallucinating.
      there were squirrels... ]

Q: "Can this veer any further off-topic?"

 A: you're no exile from zeroed list, are you  :P

  PS: the sooner someone leaks the bootstrap to hidden fuller
disclosure the sooner i can take this tangent back apropos *grin*

Q: "If I show you my digests will you show me yours teehee?"

 A: sure; builds ~200-500min - afford your patience accordingly.
(builders shamelessly solicited)


> a modest and proportionate proposal,
> fuller-disclosure:...

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