Skype and Crypto Pushed by Snowden a Ploy?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Mar 19 17:36:40 PDT 2014

> In connection with using "encrypted, secure connection" Skype for
> Snowden's imagery at SXSW and TED, as well as encrypted comms
> with journalists and event organizers, what has led these comsec
> advisors to believe that all too vulnerable Skype is secure, as well
> as all too vulnerable popular crypto pushed for journalists?
> Is there any indication Snowden has deployed less vulnerable
> protections which have not been disclosed as backing for his
> encouragement to trust encryption and to allow Skype to
> finger his location and leak his comms?

If this was a live conference stream with media types, direct Skype
may have been used since:
- Training a bunch of idiots to use something secure is a pain.
Perhaps traded off with a disposable location and/or that Snowden
is now diplomatically safe in Russia.
- Tor's network characteristics are usually ok for some voice,
but insufficient for live media video.

That said, Skype is closed source, carries no future guarantees,
and has a controversial track record... therefore it should not be
trusted under any circumstances. Far better options exist for
approaching your private comms needs...

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