MH370 in hangar at Diego Garcia, detainees already rendered

Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey at
Tue Mar 18 08:21:29 PDT 2014

So pissed off with all the crap on this plane. Everyone wants to spin
some story about how it implicates their favourite enemy. The
"Intelligence Community" are suggesting it's hackers, so they can use it
as a pearl harbour to attack the hacker community, and the media are
sucking it up.

I've seen two separate accounts from Pilots who present the view that,
based on prior examples and their own training and experience,
everything about the flight's flightpath, instrumentation failure,
radio-darkness and disappearance is consistent with an onboard fire.
Once suggested underinflated landing gear on long takeoff under
hot/humid conditions could create blowout/smoulder conditions for
frontal landing gear, which would smoke out the plane.

In prior cases where this happens, a fire in landing gear can destroy a
plane in ~5m, destroying control instrumentation. But first, procedures
for firefighting demand nonessential instruments *including radio* are
disabled while the fault and fire location are determined.

Again in prior cases, the plane will (with an experienced pilot)
immediately divert path to the nearest, not the "best", airport, which
is what this did. And again as in prior cases, it may eventually fail to
arrive as the crew succumb to smoke (oxygen masks not an option in case
of fires) and the plane will fly "dark" on autopilot until ditching in
the ocean.

That all the Pilots are saying "Probably Fire" and nobody's listening,
in favour of all sorts of bizarre and unlikely conspiracies, says a lot
about our maturity and our level of openness to fearmongering.

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>> Diego Garcia
> Fuck tinfoil.
> Cypherpunks use graphene.
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> ;-)
> Curiouser and curiouser, innit?

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