Journalists Shill Sources and Secrets

John Young jya at
Mon Mar 17 06:16:28 PDT 2014

At 09:25 PM 3/16/2014, Cari Machet wrote:

wait ... are you saying money corrupts ???
if you are saying that corruption is at hand then how can we trust 
the supposed human beings behind any of these names ? i mean i think 
you are saying corruption is at hand but i dont want to assume anything...

Assume this promotional creed screed for national security journalism:

No, media venality is not news. What is worth examining is the long-term
exploitation of "national security" as a joint gov-com-edu-org
racket to manipulate secretkeeping as a wealth concentration
industry. This has been commonplace since the national security
state was invented after WW2 and led to need for continuous
spying to manufacture enemies and to arm for diddly squat combat
against fictious foes by hugely expensive but hardly ever used
armaments. Cryptosystems among the black budgetary wastage.

In particular cryptosystem popularization (as here and its emulators)
as ostensible opposition to the national security racket, begun in the
flower-child 60s to flower wildly in the 90s and rise to a kudzu crescendo
with Snowden's operation to validate crypto use against illusory
enemies within the state, cloaked as usual by the blanket exculpt
"to do no harm to national security," then hide behind privileged
natsec journalism so dirty and complicit in govenment affairs it
needs protection from the public, so merely dribbles dainty
tidbits of threats to privacy and to advance the favorite ACLU
and EFF lawyerly fund-raising hobgobblin of constitutional

FISA Court jiggery-pokery by lawfare warriors indicates that
lawyers and judges know diddly about comsec technology
but dare not admit it and lose control of the public narrative
of threat and protection obligatory in the trillion dollar national
security hootenany which compares to organized religion of the
medieval era which ruled heaven and earth with fantasticly
frightening and pleasuring tales of evil and salvation.

Adled journalists are racing to adopt encryption as crusading
chain mail raiment, ignorant of how easily it can be penetrated,
but no matter, what will really protect the valiant journalists is
"constitutional protection," a comedy of conceit and stupidity
usually associated with court jesters.

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