Comsec as Public Utility Beyond Illusory Privacy

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Dnia czwartek, 13 marca 2014 09:59:24 John Young pisze:
> (...)
> Freedom of comsec, say, as a new entry in the US Bill of Rights
> could lead the way for it to be a fundamental element of Human
> Rights.

You had me up until this part.

We don't need it. We have the secrecy of correspondence in most democratic 

Well, the US kind of needs to get it into the Bill of Rights, maybe, but not 
as "comsec", but as plain old "secrecy of correspondence".

Why? Because instead of creating a new "cyber"/"comsec" right, it's high time 
we uphold the rights we already have. Otherwise, once a new technology comes, 
we will have to fight this fight all over again -- as this will no longer be 
"comsec", but (say) "quantumsec".

Again, where we have secrecy of correspondence already -- let's enforce it; 
where it is not there, it needs to be implemented and enshrined in law. But 
only as a general rule of "secrecy of correspondence", not as "comsec", not as 
"postal secrecy", not as "telephone privacy", as otherwise we will have the 
same discussion in 5-10 years all over again.

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