Idiots [was: Bounties]

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Fri Mar 7 10:54:13 PST 2014

Dnia piÄ…tek, 7 marca 2014 06:01:14 shelley at pisze:
> On Mar 7, 2014 5:22 AM, martin f krafft <madduck at> wrote: 
> >>Careful, you are confusing the post-facebook generation who think
> that all problems they encounter are new [...]
> Your smug misassumptions are amusing, especially when you have no idea
> what the fuck you are talking about.
> Neither Gwen nor I are of the "post-facebook" generation.  I've been
> online (meaning using the Internet, which pre-dates the Web by quite a
> few years- in case you were unaware) since the mid-eighties, during the
> time of monochrome screens and when telling someone to finger you
> wouldn't garner snickers from mental midgets like you.
> You completely missed the point of Gwen's post, in which he clearly
> talks about breaking 'the rules' to stir up idiots such as yourself, and
> to which you still felt the need to make a whiny reply- to make yourself
> feel, what...clever?  To give yourself some sense of faux cypherpunks
> cred?  You're not impressing anyone, you just made yourself look a
> fucking idiot with no reading comprehension.
> Shut the fuck up and keep your stupid ASSumptions to yourself.

I do appreciate the bottom-posting in this e-mail, though. <3

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