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> >> I *told* you I wasn't Sanjuro.
> >But, the *do* want to offer *bounties* on anyone who harms Satoshi, so they’ve got *that* goin’ for ‘em.
> >:-)
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> >RAH
> Clearly, this points to the need to expand the AP/AM implementations to include 'indefinite targets': AP targets whose names aren't known at the time the donation is made.  And, even targets who really don't even exist at the time the donation is made.  Presumably, Satoshi is still alive and well, thus nobody out there (yet) has harmed him.  Somebody might want to put money (BTC) on anyone who would do so.
>  I alluded to this at the time I wrote the AP essay, with my reference to using AP to attack car thieves.  
>           Jim Bell

I think you just made Satoshi Nakamoto the most well protected person in

Well played psy-ops my friend.

That's almost as good as the hypothetical game big (insert your boogeyman
here) might be playing with Putin to make him think Bitcoin is a NSA/CIA
operation to ruin the ruble.

I'd rather be a Satoshi than a Vladimir right now.

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