See??? Satoshi Nakamoto Smeared

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On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 3:01 PM, John Young <jya at> wrote:

> Leah McGrath Goodman  @truth_eater What a piece of shit reporting.
> Journalists compulsively play
> pop psychologist is reporting on targets to obscure their
> lack of technical capability. When ridiculed for this they
> say readers want the gossip because they too lack technical
> comprehension.
> Not a single journalist resists the temptation for slimey personal
> analysis to boost sales from Obama to Putin to Satoshi, from
> NY Times to Guardian to WaPo to Wired to The Intercept.
> Still the tech firms suck up to the ignorant outlets for lurid
> coverage, crypto firms now leading the pack to promote
> comsec panic for digital cash-in. You, once honorably corrupt,
> dear cpunks, should be raking it in as if in compelled to
> rationalize cryptoligarchy.
> Fuck them dead, the whipsawing comsec windfall bandits.
fuck them dead > thats a good one @mtaibbi said the press pools he has been
in taught him one major thing journalists are bred to be stupid - he was
astonished at their stupidity level but now he is at the intercept crap
so.. stupidity rules and all hail to capitalistic fuck alls

but i have to disagree with you re the story in terms of the personal
analysis re content - they do get into the tech not perfectly but... trying
to figure out why someone would want to remain anonymous in this society of
star fuckers into infinity is part of the story of bitcoin and there were
forensic analysts working on the story

the cia connection is interesting when cia mentioned > he is gone - out
totally out

> At 09:05 AM 3/6/2014, you wrote:
> I *told* you I wasn't Satoshi.
> ;-)
> Poor bastard...
> Cheers,

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