targeted attack authorizations and oversight

coderman coderman at
Wed Mar 19 12:30:06 PDT 2014

> "... to go for the end points [requires?] a constitutional, more carefully
> overseeing sort of intelligence gathering model."

having observed domestic LE (inc. FBI) in action and military systems
in action, they usually have distinct and different characteristics:

LE specific and narrow and by the book and for the record, this is a
specific focus they give attention.

Military any-and-all-means-to-the-end less discriminating, brute
strength ground out the solution by force majeure method.


the DC 19 rogue base stations DITU DRT technique was in-discriminant
(until it had to be :)

and yet the DC 20 NSA TAO/QUANTUM*.* style "in the towers" absurd over
kill attacks were also absolutely precise - if your "selector"(phone)
was not on the list you'd never know [without some fancy watching
close to target, perhaps?].  if you were indeed on the shitlist, every
sensor, stored byte, and key material got compromised instantly; your
airplane mode is funny cute.

... presumably "anything in range of the Rio and our multiwatt amps"
they argued was targeted and limited.

as for had to be discriminating, if you want to load test spook gear
just figure out what drives their automation and then jam the fuck to
11 on that signal.
  [where signal is anything that feeds the weird machine; take all
advantages inherent in attacker perspective! fork bombs and kernel
panics equally disruptive]

anomaly reloaded:

DC 21: nobody playing?
  you're still watching; fair is fair! ...

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