Special Source Operations puzzles

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 20:34:16 PDT 2014

in the SSO overview slide there are three colors:


 i fancy them as follows:

GREEN: legally compelled and gagged plaintext access through service
providers, like BLARNEY and PRISM

RED: financially motivated secret agreement with "special partners"
for filthy lucre. e.g. GTE fiber access.

BLUE: unilateral / non-cooperative operations; covert black bag taps.


if most facilities, like room 641A, are in RED zones, then recent
ground breaking improvements in BLUE may be miniaturized and covert
taps with selectors and large local cache.

alternatively, new capability could be upgrades to the RED facilities
where BLUE traffic is conveniently co-processed, cached, and

paging Top Level Telecom,  ;)

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