Comsec as Public Utility Beyond Illusory Privacy

John Young jya at
Thu Mar 13 06:59:24 PDT 2014

Snowden may have raised the prospect of comsec as a public utility
like power, water, gas, sewage, air quality, environmental protection
and telecommunications. Privacy protection has been shown to be
illusory at best, deceptive at worst, due to the uncontrollable
technology applied erroneously for national security.

Each of the other public utilities began as private offerings before
becoming commercialized and then institutionalized as necessities,
many eventually near or wholly monopolies.

Each also evolved into military targets for control, contamination,
destruction, and in some cases excluded as too essential for
civilian livelihood to target.

Comsec as a right for human discourse rather than a commercial
service could enforce privacy beyond easy violation for official
and commercial purposes.

Freedom of comsec, say, as a new entry in the US Bill of Rights
could lead the way for it to be a fundamental element of Human

The problem will be as ever the commercial and governmental
exploiters aiming to protect their interests against that of
the public.

FCC and NIST, indeed, the three branches, are hardly reliable to
pursue this, so beholden to the spy agencies they cannot be trusted.

NSA's ubiquitous spying on everybody at home and elsewhere
with technology beyond accountability does raise the chances of
getting agreement of all targets -- gov, com, edu, org -- to say
enough is enough, national security has become a catchall for
inexcusable invasion of the public realm.

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