Senator Feinstein, the document leaker

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Tue Mar 11 09:03:43 PDT 2014

US Senator Dianne Feinstein (Mar 11) - "Feinstein Statement on
Intelligence Committee’s CIA Detention, Interrogation Report":

Wherein Senator Feinstein states:

> We have no way to determine who made the [CIA's] Internal Panetta Review documents available to the committee. Further, we don’t know whether the documents were provided intentionally by the CIA, unintentionally by the CIA, or intentionally by a whistle-blower.

...and then explains why Senate staffers exfiltrated the documents from
the CIA's secure facility:

> Unlike the official response, these Panetta Review documents were in agreement with the committee’s findings. That’s what makes them so significant and important to protect.

Looks like this information wanted to be free?  Quite a story emerging here.


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