Cryptocurrencies for Good: Revolutionizing Microdonations

Rich Jones rich at
Thu Feb 13 11:18:54 PST 2014

This is very ambitious! Not sure how well this will go over with the
BitCoin speculation crowd, but I could see something like this being merged
into the Doge mainline.

It did made me think about "Cryptocurrencies for Evil".. couldn't a system
like this be just as easily used to support nefarious causes as well?

For instance, it is already possible to support Al-Qaeda directly via
Bitcoin: http://teir4baj5mpvkg5n.onion/

*oh god please don't let me be on any more lists because of that link*


On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Odinn Cyberguerrilla <
odinn.cyberguerrilla at> wrote:

> We've launched 'Cryptocurrencies for Good:  Revolutionizing
> Microdonations' as an indiegogo project.  This currently involves myself,
> Filipe Farinha, and technical support from Cryptostorm.
> Also, there's wine.
> Here's our page, launched today:
> As the world changes, so must we!
> :-)
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