Latest Belarusian censorship law & censorship actions

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Footnote: could happen almost anywhere. Even here in NL such a law could
pass on the virtue of balancing safety and order with basic human rights in
a fair manner.

Footnote2: censorship being possible and even easy makes censorship happen.
Defend or die must be part of the tech warrior's creed (sharing Mutual
Equal Assured Destruction is a potential exception).

I suppose Belarus works differently for things to pass so fast and so
clearly in violation of international human rights laws.

Good luck out there.
On Dec 21, 2014 12:26 PM, "Anton Nesterov" <komachi at> wrote:

> Today President of Belarus signed a law which provides heavy regulation
> to freedom of speech. Basically, it makes any website media and forbids
> "information aimed at the propaganda of the war, extremist activities,
> or the calls for such activities, pornography, violence, cruelty, and
> any other informations which distribution can harm national interest of
> the Republic of Belarus, or forbidden by this law, or by any other
> legislative act of the Republic of Belarus". It also force owners of
> websites to moderate user-generated content. Any website which violate
> this will be blocked. Also the law forbids any media with more than 20%
> of foreign investors.
> The law was passed really fast, only on 17st it came info parliament,
> and today, 21st, it's already signed by president. Nobody ever heard
> that such law are coming, even in the rumors.
> The law will came into force on 1st January.
> Yesterday domain name, which hosted Belarusian media portal,
> was seized. They moved to
> Media portal was also blocked.
> Two days ago some media was blocked, including (they was
> already blocked for years for some users),,
> Minister of Information Liliya Ananich asked media to use only official
> sources and write articles in the national interest of the country.
> Besides media censorship, there is some financial problems because of
> Russian financial crisis. So the govt blocked 13 online markets which
> posted prices in US dollars, also 3 websites (,,
> was warned as they had ads on goods with price in $.
>, p2p currency exchange, was also blocked.
> — text of the
> law (Russian)
> (Russian)
> (Russian)
> (Russian)
> (Russian)
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