Snowden ran a major 2 Gbps exit node named “TheSignal”

rysiek rysiek at
Wed Dec 10 14:07:22 PST 2014

Dnia środa, 10 grudnia 2014 12:54:39 Seth pisze:
> This may be old news to some but I found it quite remarkable to discover
> today that prior to fleeing what I like to call "The United State", Ed
> Snowden apparently ran a major Tor exit node named "TheSignal".
> Furthermore, he helped to organize and throw a freakin' Crypto Party on
> Oahu (contacting and co-ordinating via email with Runa Sandvik using his
> legal name!!) about six months prior to bailing for Hong Kong.
> According to the same Pandodaily article he "was trying to get some of his
> buddies at “work” to set up additional Tor nodes…".
> Not exactly a shining example of good OpSec for someone who is also
> secretly gathering a trove of classified documents to leak.

Or, maybe, quite the contrary. "Nah, that guy runs a TOR exit node, organises 
CryptoParties -- our guy would lay low". ;)

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak
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