New end to end encrypted IM/VOIP web app focused on ease of use

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W dniu 19.08.2014 12:33, Subrosa Team pisze:
> Subrosa is an open source, end to end encrypted messaging / VOIP app focused on being easy to use for the general public. We made Subrosa in response to the mass surveillance revelations programs, and to address the difficulty of current tools for the average user. Oh, and it supports group video chats.
> Please let us know what you think about Subrosa, and pick at this :)

What about interoperability with other (standard - OpenPGP, etc.)
solutions? Because we all see a lot of "new and easy" tools for crypto
meant for "everyone", but even if one would come to trust one of them
(which is a separate matter), then each of them is it's own walled garden.

You know where this leads to - either use them all at once, or lose
contacts that are on the other side of the wall.

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