New end to end encrypted IM/VOIP web app focused on ease of use

Subrosa Team contact at
Tue Aug 19 06:38:39 PDT 2014

We just have one client. 

The hosted version is the client hosted by us, on our web server. You can access it at

You can download the client code, and run it from your computer, or host it on your own web server. It's identical.

The difference is by hosting the code yourself, you can be assured that the correct code is being executed.  

For RSA private keys, user settings, etc, they're all encrypted with the user password (through PBKDF2) before being sent to the server. The server is just a dumb pipe that stores and passes encrypted information we don't have the keys to. 

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---- On Tue, 19 Aug 2014 06:07:10 -0700 Stephan Neuhaus<stephan.neuhaus at> wrote ---- 

 > Hi Subrosa Team, 
 > sounds like an interesting project!  I am however slightly confused 
 > about what you mean by "hosted version" and "client".  Is this a web app 
 > or is it a web app that also has a non-web (= hosted) version, providing 
 > the same functionality, but where stuff (like RSA keypairs, for example) 
 > is stored locally instead of on your servers?  If so, what exactly is 
 > the "client"? 
 > Fun, 
 > Stephan 

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