Ukraine passed the bill about sanctions in first reading, it give power to close media, websites, and more

Anton Nesterov komachi at
Thu Aug 14 10:27:23 PDT 2014

Seems like it finally passed, but without that bad things

But seems like The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of
Ukraine asking now for blocking Russian-language Euronews (but not
Ukrainian), says it's "propagandist"

Anton Nesterov wrote:
> It includes many types of sanctions, but most interesting is that ones:
> 9) the prohibition or restriction of the retransmission of television
> and radio channels;
> 10) the prohibition to use radio frequency resource of Ukraine;
> 11) the restriction or termination of the media or other information
> activities, including those in the Internet;
> 12) the restriction or prohibition of production or distribution of
> printed materials and other information materials;
> 24) the prohibition of political parties, movements and other civil
> society associations and foundations;
> So if that bill will be passed, National Security and Defense Council
> can ban any foreign media, website, foundation, movement, printed
> material, etc. without court.
> news report (in Ukrainian)
> text (in
> Ukrainian)

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