[Cryptography] miniLock seems pretty interesting

Cathal Garvey cathalgarvey at cathalgarvey.me
Wed Aug 13 06:29:37 PDT 2014

While I'm happy to see my own work in an august list like that, I'd just
like to point out that saying anything based on NaCl is "basically the
same thing" is like accusing any scheme using sha256 and aes256
primitives of being the "same thing". If the schemes are not compatible
or close to compatible, if they have different threat models or
implementations, or different intended use-cases, they can hardly be
called the same thing.

Now, miniLock format could be used as a PGP alternative, and I'd be
interested in making deadlock suitable for hooking into mail clients
that can preprocess incoming or outgoing mail with user-configured
scripts so it could be used as such, but I don't think it wasn't written
for that (ask Nadim his intended use-case for miniLock, I guess).

So, while all of those are NaCl based, I'd say only miniLock and
deadlock are "essentially the same thing" because they're
implementations of the same protocol and basic use-case.

On 13/08/14 11:05, Thomas von Dein wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 07:42:16PM +0100, Cathal Garvey wrote:
>> For those who aren't so keen on JS crypto even when implemented as an
>> extension (or for those who, like me, think of Chromium as gussied up
>> spyware), I re-implemeted miniLock in Python and released it today on
>> Github and PyPI:
>> https://github.com/cathalgarvey/deadlock
>> https://pypi.python.org/pypi/deadlock
> So, now there are 5 different implementations for essentially the same
> thing:
> - reop (http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/reop)
> - pbp (https://github.com/stef/pbp)
> - pcp (https://github.com/TLINDEN/pcp)
> - minilock: (http://minilock.io)
> - deadlock (https://github.com/cathalgarvey/deadlock)
> - Tom

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