Russia want completely ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Sun Aug 3 16:08:39 PDT 2014

> > Observe that generally, one can set up GPL and various other forms of
> > voluntary communal contracts under capitalism. But that doesn't make
> > capitalism communist/Marxist. It does make capitalism the more flexible
> > system. One in which the GPL linux kernel is indeed doing well, along
> > countless privately owned projects.

I think you should start seeing human beings working for something they
believe they need, money or otherwise.

Marx just saw (afaik) people working hard for short term gains they didn't
enjoy, their daily bread, knowing their works' true fruits were not their
property but their bosses'. The core appeal of communism is that a man
should enjoy the fruits of his labor. Interestingly, that's the core appeal
of capitalism too!

> Marx was worried about endless accumulation of capital by industrialists.
> find it rather hilariously amusing that for Marx's commons to work, it
has to
> be in the capitalist framework of intellectual property ownership.
> The brilliance of the GPL(v2) is the 'compulsory communal' aspect only
> in when you sell something. No sale, no compulsion to share with your

?? People don't want to share?? From popularity to appreciation there's
reasons aplenty!

> It will be interesting to see how the AGPLv3 plays out long-term. I see a
> of code getting released under that license, and I expect at some point it
> will start eating the market share of closed-source cloud 'service'
> because no capital owner can afford to pay engineers when the competition
> doing the work for free.

This is definitely affecting some markets. It lowers the barrier for entry,
driving competition. But the collaboration between companies outcompetes
any private effort, so there is no choice. It's a neat effect, but hardly
of relevance to Marx or even the GPL. The GPL is just what made the effect
happen "in the wild" so strongly that the MBA's couldn't deny it anymore.

The GPL was for people to know what a computer does on their behalves. To
own what they depend upon. The ability to alter what they dislike. And most
importantly, to saveguard against madness. No arbitrary ristrictions will
exist in a open source program for long.

For example: Sumatra PDF and respecting PDF DRM rules are an interesting
discussion, to say the least.

> I guess Marx got trolled by Richard Stallman.

I think everyones trolling himself, first and foremost.

Note to all: "give what you can, take what you need" is in no way fair, nor
even noble. It's economic suicide.
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