Update on interdiction, secret GSM

bluelotus at openmailbox.org bluelotus at openmailbox.org
Fri Aug 29 08:50:25 PDT 2014

I purchased the latest smartphone with a slider qwerty keyboard. A 
Motorola Droid 4 with CM11 and a T5 torx screwdriver from Ebay. The two 
T5 screws to the battery ribbon cable had been glued. I discarded the 

Nook Tablet with CM 10 arrived DOA. I could not go past the CM welcome 
screen. Tablet wouldn't shut down or reboot. I returned it to the 

MIPS tablet #1 didn't charge via USB port, was missing file manager, 
Adobe Reader, Skype and app installer, would not mount my SD card and 
bricked my 16 GB SD card. I tried to use tablet #1's micro USB port to 
copy my personal files but tablet's USB port would not function.

MIPS tablet #2 did charge via USB port, was missing app installer but 
had file manager, Adobe Reader, Skype and two games whereas tablet #1 
did not have any games, mounted my SD card but bricked my 8 GB SD card. 
I was able to copy my personal files using the tablet's micro USB port.

aLogcat logs disclose secret GSM in MIPS tablet #2:

Hours after posting the above thread yesterday, my MIPS tablet #2 was 
stolen from my room.

Were my laptops implanted with GSM and infected with firmware rootkits 
when they were interdicted? I had assumed FM radio transceiver/beacon 
implants or badBIOS.

Many of the linux /var/logs I was denied permission to read even though 
I had logged into the graphical desktop on my laptops. A few of the 
/var/logs were of unknown file type. The type was unknown to the file 
manager. Had the firmware rootkits not tampered with the /var/logs, GSM 
may have been reported in the logs.

Military contractors getting special access to surveillance programs.

Greenpeace loses lawsuit over being hacked by former NSA hackers hired 
by private investigators hired by corporation

"Last year, California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) was 
required after an investigation to pay $390,000 to the state’s General 
Fund after it was discovered that they were spying on anti-smart meter 
activist groups."

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