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Sat Aug 16 20:15:49 PDT 2014

On 8/16/14, bluelotus at <bluelotus at> wrote:
> Bryan Starbuck, I apologize for the delay in anwering your question.
> Your suggestion of keeping profiles is excellent. You are probably
> familiar with nonprofits being surveilled, harassed and hacked by former
> NSA trained hackers.
> ...
> Before the above article was written, I wrote a discussion thread on
> this. Readers are reluctant to concede that abusers hire private
> investigators who hire hackers.

the "security industry" as oriented toward the consumer public is
focused on broad threats and general risks. the specialized
particulars of targeted exploitation for whatever reason are the realm
of nation state espionage, law enforcement technical surveillance, and
high power corporate conflicts.

individuals facing advanced attackers are left with nearly no avenues
of reputable relief.

the vagaries of how anyone might encounter "advanced attackers" are as
myriad and expansive as the history of human kind itself.  jilted
lover, bruised ego, psychotic obsession, voyueristic thrills, the list
goes well beyond the common corporate investigations and government
espionage hijinx...

> In these high tech times,private investigators hire black hat hackers
> who are adept at picking locks, gaining physical access to computers and
> external hard drives and disassemblying, implanting and infecting
> computers.

i find it amusing that the largest repository of black hats and
malicious tech is employed by the United States Government itself.

at least those tax dollars are some of the most effective put to use?  ;)

> My case is atypical. It was not the defendant's law firm that hired
> private investigators. The defendant himself hired private investigators
> who hired hackers. Who he hired are top notch professionals. The type
> that law firms would hire and refer to other law firms and defendants.
> The defendant acted on very good referrals.

it is slow going digging into your gear; will report in a few weeks.
as mentioned before, due to interdiction of shipment i don't expect
much of interest. but never say never...

best regards,
   dokermange; doing mah best to poke bears and burn vulns

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