Interdiction of MIPS tablet

bluelotus at bluelotus at
Fri Aug 15 14:30:59 PDT 2014

Last week, I purchased a MIPS tablet on ebay and a rooted Nooks Tablet 
with CyanogenMod. Nooks was shipped priority mail and arrived yesterday.

Nooks tablet:

tracking info:

MIPS tablet was shipped FedEx Smart Post. It was interdicted and being 
returned to shipper:

MIPS tablet:

tracking info:

"Delivery exception" "Returning package to shipper. Incorrect address, 
unable to deliver - Returning package to shipper - Please contact 
shipper/merchant for details"

I purchased a Nooks tablet solely because its OMAP4 CPU has mask ROM.

I purchased a MIPS tablet hoping BadBIOS doesn't infect MIPS and because 
MIPS hardware assisted virtualization is not as developed as ARM's 
Trustzone and Mobicore. I don't trust HAV.

I wish local retailers sold them so I could have purchased them in 

I ordered a T5 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws in the Nook so I 
can air gap it. If the screws are glued, I will promptly sell or donate 

Another item that was apparently interdicted is  media card reader.

I purchased it on 8/8/2014. Yet, post office does not give tracking 

Hackers have repeatedly stolen my media card readers, opened up and 
broken my media card readers and broke the write protection switch on 
three Digital Intelligence media card write blockers. They attempt to 
force me to use flashdrives. They haven't broken the write protection 
switch on my Kanguru flashblu write blocker. For some reason, 
flashdrives are easier to flash firmware or infect than micro SD cards.

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