Some History

Ryan Carboni ryacko at
Thu Aug 14 11:19:03 PDT 2014

>The FBI and the Justice Department say the initiative would
> 	>not expand their power, but would ensure access to the type of
> 	>communications they have been entitled to tap for years.
> 	This is totally bogus.
> 	The FBI has never had the right to watch computer programs
> 	execute.  Now that computer programs are being written as
> 	distributed systems, what was originally written to be an
> 	internal subroutine call can look like a message over the
> 	phone system.
> 	The FBI never had the right to bug corporate conference rooms.
> 	Now that companies are using videoconferencing, a private
> 	corporate conference could look like a phone call.
> 	Etc.
> 	This needs to be fought.
> 	 - Carl
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