Shipment Interdiction

bluelotus at bluelotus at
Wed Aug 13 18:31:39 PDT 2014

The package was not interdicted to Sarasota, Florida. It was interdicted 
from Sarasota, Florida. Three times! Where is it now?

I purchased a Toshiba Portege R205 from an Ebay seller. I needed an 
ultraportable laptop pre2008 as explained in:

I commuted 11 hours to Sarasota, Florida to personally pick up the 
laptop. Prior computers I purchased from Ebay and retailers were 
indicted, implanted and infected. See

That night, I disassembled, air gapped, reassembled my laptop. I glued 
four screws on the back to attempt to prevent it from being disassembled 
and implanted. That night, hackers broke into my hotel room while I was 
sleeping. They drilled out the glued screws, implanted, physically 
damaged the keyboard and infected.

On Saturday, July 19, 2014, I dropped off my Toshiba, along with an 
interdicted and tampered Fedora CD, infected flashdrive and an infected 
raspberry pi to a FedEx authorized reseller in downtown Sarasota.

FedEx's policy is not to notify the shipper and the recipient of the 

I asked Michael how recipients are allowed to change the address without 
the consent or knowledge of the shipper. I explained that when I was the 
recipient and wanted to change the address, FedEx instructed me to ask 
the shipper to change the address. Michael explained that I had not 
placed restrictions on my account to prevent the shipping address from 
being redirected. Michael instructed me to ask the Revenue Department to 
do so.

I asked an employee for the number of the Revenue Department. Employee 
refused to look up the number and misrepresented the Revenue Department 
did not have a direct phone number. Instead, the employee transferred 

The Revenue Department employee did not know their direct phone number. 
I hung up. I called back 800-463-3339 and again asked for the Revenue 
Department's telephone number. I was finally given 800-622-1147.

I asked an employee in the Revenue Department to transfer me to a 
supervisor. However, I was transferred to Bobby in Customers Relations. 
I asked Bobby to transfer me to a supervisor in the Revenue Department. 
Bobby misrepresented that she is a supervisor in the Revenue Department. 
I asked Bobbie for her contact information in the event that I needed to 
contact her again. Bobbie misrepresented her contact information is 
BRIFTOC. Bobby failed to give her ID number.

I asked Bobby why I was not offered restriction options when I set up my 
account. Nor was I notified of restrictions options there after until 
today. Bobby did not give an answer. I asked Bobby to place restrictions 
on my account prohibiting redirecting the shipping address without my 
knowledge and consent.

I asked Bobby to escalate my complaint. Bobby wanted me to write a 
letter to FedEx. There is no point spending the time and money on my 
prepaid phone to call Fedex, if I have to write a letter, print it out 
and mail it. I insisted Bobby write up a complaint. Bobby did not give 
me a case number. I asked Bobby to email or fax the complaint to me. 
Bobby said she could not email or fax.

Interdiction #2:

Michael informed me that morning the package was being returned to me 
because the recipient had not picked it up at the FedEx location in 
Beaverton, Oregon.

The hackers' timing was perfect. Since I am being hacked in real time, 
the hackers knew that I logged into my FedEx account. FedEx holds 
packages for pick up for five business days. Yet, FedEx held the package 
much longer. All of a sudden, FedEx is returning it to shipper. I had 
departed Sarasota, FL. Returning it to Sarasota, FL would have placed 
the package at risk.

FedEx should notify shippers and recipients before packages are being 
returned to shipper.

Michael promised to have the package delivered to the initial address. 
Michael left a voicemail confirming that the package was being 
redirected to the initial address.

Interdiction #3:

I did not know Coderman's phone number so I gave my phone number on the 
ground shipping label. On August 5, 2014, I received an automated 
voicemail that the package will be delivered tomorrow, that a signature 
is required and a recommendation to chose the option hold for pick up.

I had not requested a signature. Nor did the tracking information 
display that a signature was required. A signature requirement can be 
used as an alibi to return a package to the shipper if the recipient is 
not home and does not make arrangements to sign for the package.

I tried to reach Bobby but Carolyn ID 921550 did not even try to 
transfer me to Bobby. Customer Relations' direct telephone number should 
be given to customers. Supervisors should be able to give out extension 

Instead Carolyn transferred me to a female employee in El Paso. It took 
her a while to read the notes on my account to find out who Bobby is. 
Bobby had left for the day. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told 
me supervisors left for the day. I asked what the supervisors' hours 
are. She refused to tell me. She told me a signature was not required.

Interdiction #4:

She informed me the package was being returned to FedEx Office in 
Beaverton, Oregon.

Again, I asked to speak to a supervisor. She transferred me to Carlos ID 
892831. Carlos confirmed that signature was not required and that 
package was being returned to FedEx Office in Beaverton, Oregon. Carlos 
could not explain why the package was redirected again to FedEx Office. 
I asked how the redirections were being requested. Carlos explained the 
recipient went on FedEx's website. I argued that the recipient had not 
requested redirections. Carlos argued no one else would know the 
tracking number and recipient's contact information. I requested an 
investigation on the identity of the person performing the redirections.

I asked Carlos how the shipment was again redirected without my 
knowledge or consent. I explained to Carlos that Bobby had placed 
restrictions on my account prohibiting redirection. Carlos explained 
that Bobby does not place restrictions on accounts. That Bobby could 
only forward my request for restrictions.

I should never have been transferred to Bobby. when I argued with Bobby 
that she was not the appropriate employee to be transferred to, Bobby 
should have transferred me to an employee who can place restrictions. I 
complained to Carlos that shippers and recipients should be notified 
when shipments are redirected.

The next day, August 6, 2014, I received email notification that the 
package was delivered to FedEx Office in Beaverton, OR. I asked to speak 
to Bobbie, Michael and Carlos. They were not available. An employee told 
me the package was delivered to the initial address.

Was it? I emailed Coderman several times and am waiting for his reply.

FedEx should have a fax number or an email address to forward complaints 
to. Instead, FedEx merely offers an online form to fill out. The form 
has a size restriction. I could not copy and paste this complaint into 
its form. On August 6, 2014, I mailed a complaint requesting FedEx to 
email or fax their investigation, confirmation that restrictions has 
been placed on my account and to waive the shipping fee. To date, FedEx 
has not responded.

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