Home-made communications and security technology

Jose Damico damico at dcon.com.br
Mon Apr 14 21:08:03 PDT 2014

I think, that one important and simple tool that will remain useful for
the next decades is Analog Audio Encryption.
Radio & Analog communications are simple to implement and very useful
for good and for bad, but I think that what will keep this technology
live for situations, like wars, conflicts, protests etc, will be the use
of Audio Encryption over Radio & Analog communications.

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On 04/14/2014 01:49 PM, John Preston wrote:
> Given the enormous complexity of modern technology (100+ KLOC software
> projects,
> 1+ billion transistor CPUs, etc.) I view security failures to be an
> inevitability: the attack surface is rich for exploitation by enemies,
> and bugs and errors constantly emerge due to both man and machine.
> That said, I do not think it unwise to consider it a prerequisite for
> the most paranoid-level technologies that they be easily understandable
> and scrutinisable by individual people. Hence, I have an interest in
> pen-and-paper ciphers, simple wireless communications systems for Morse,
> voice, and data, and simple computers.
> Is this something other people think is a sensible or important line of
> inquiry? Do these technologies and the people using them exist? Are
> there movements advocating this approach? Thank you.

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