NSA good guys

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Mon Apr 14 13:08:29 PDT 2014

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> > So. Are the NSA guys good guys? Well. They're the enemy of the
> > people, as they invade their privacy and therewith their safety. If
> > you can be blackmailed, studied, influenced, etc. you are weak and
> > vulnerable. Preaching to the choir, I guess. 
> Well, I get the impression that some of the voices of this
> choir still need some preaching directed at them =P
> I noticed something interesting in digital 'security'
> circles. People who deal with 'security' are, at first sight, 
> technical people and are concerned with issues such as
> factoring integers, permutations, routing protocols, etc.
> etc. etc.
> However, all their technical expertise exists to
> achieve some political goals. And when you look at the
> political beliefs of these people, you see that they suck big
> time. As engineers they may be competent, but there's a step
> above engineering, and there, they fail.

Since when politics is a "step above" anything? Politicians are the lowest of the low thugs and thus so is their art of thievery.

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