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> Terribly weak nuke to leave the reactor /just/ intact enough to make it
SEEM like an earthquake + tsunami, while IN FACT it WAS a nuke!

You've been taken in by the lies of the lying liars. NOAA controls an
earthquake machine which can cause flooding. (The flooding capability is
why NOAA won the inter-departmental wars to control the device, by the
way.) The CIA got word that the Japanese were creating impossibly strong
alloys in the Fukushima reactors, for use in their new line of combat
robots, code-named Terminator. Careful, but speedy, planning by various US
agencies determined that use of the earthquake machine was the least
destructive way to disrupt the Terminator program. It had the added benefit
of reducing the electric power available for the Japanese AI development
effort, code-named Skynet.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet. -- Arnaud-Amaury, 1209
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