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> I found this on 
> [1]
> (Disclaimer: I am not associated with 'Sanjuro's "Assassination
> Market" in any way. I do not know who he is.)
>  Jim Bell 
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>1) Ew, if it's real. Nothing good can come from that.

I am about the last person in the world who would agree with that statement!

>2) Probably not real, but just a honeypot.

I suspect it's not a _government_ honeypot.  I haven't been promoting AP in the last 1.75 years.  (Since I left that "gated community", FCI Sheridan, Oregon.)  It's hard for me to imagine why a government (primary example, the U.S. Federal Government) would want to give publicity to my AP idea, when I was not doing so myself.  Moreover, 'Sanjuro' (the pseudonymous operator of AM) has included a statement that the fund would pay off also if the target dies by ordinary, innocent, and natural means.  (Rather than paying only on a deliberate killing.)  If this is truly a honeypot, then presumably the purpose would be to catch donors/predictors to the system.  Adding that rule, that all predicted deaths would lead to a payment, would make it very difficult to assign legal liability to any such donor.  It would look too much like simple gambling, or for that matter life insurance of an odd sort.  (I anticipated precisely this tactic in 1995-96.)

>Interesting find, in any case.

As simple as doing Google "Assassination Market".
           Jim Bell
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