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Hi there,

Dnia niedziela, 17 listopada 2013 23:44:14 Cathal Garvey pisze:
> Retroshare isn't "like tor", it's "the opposite of tor".
> Tor establishes a network of mutual distrust (kinda; you still trust
> some aspects of the network such as the directory servers).
> Retroshare establishes a network of mutual trust, although you can
> withhold certain details such as whether you or merely a friend known
> to you is sharing the files you make available (although as mentioned
> by another this is likely to be traceable with enough network data).


> For high-security work, something like i2p or Tor is probably better.
> For an alternative to daily, casual internet traffic, Retroshare's
> *idea* is probably superior; by relying on existing relationships of
> trust, you can probably get better performance, and data that's
> relevant to your interests is likely to be nearby in the network
> because of social networking effects.


> However, the flipside is without existing relationships of trust,
> you're dead in the water; I tried Retroshare for a while but had no
> friends on it, so had no access to the "core network" through any
> trusted links.

Yeah, that's kinda where I am now. I am wondering if:
 - it's possible to use my already established PGP/GPG web-of-trust;
 - it's actually a good idea to do it.

> Also, I get mixed signals about the developer attitude to some security
> aspects of the P2P side of things. For example, they use SHA1 for the
> distributed hash table, whereas in my opinion one should never use an
> even partially broken hash for a *hash table*; you never know what
> exploits are known privately that further break the hash, and should
> generally assume it's fully broken if your threat model includes
> adversaries like the NSA. If you're willing to compromise on the
> quality of the hash that underlies the entire P2P end of the system,
> I'm wary about your attitude to security overall.

Oh, this is important information, didn't have that. Thanks.

> This wasn't such a big deal 'til I saw some anons advocating Retroshare
> as a "usable crypto" solution. Well, it is; if your adversary is a
> talent-starved rent-seeking quango like the RIAA. If your adversary is
> the world's biggest circle-jerk of military cryptographers, I wouldn't
> go there, personally.


> Maybe I'm paranoid about SHA1? I'm eager for other opinions here.
> Crypto is an area where the Dunning Kruger only gets worse the deeper
> you go.

+1 on wanting to hear more about it.

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