[Cryptography][Law] Jeremy Hammond Banned from using Cryptography

Cathal Garvey (Phone) cathalgarvey at cathalgarvey.me
Sat Nov 16 01:50:55 PST 2013

So if I hire him and the job description is "test consumer grade encryption by using it in daily life"..?

Dan Staples <danstaples at disman.tl> wrote:
>It's even more absurd considering the inevitable progress of technology
>over the next 10 years of Hammond's sentence. If we do our jobs right,
>everything will be using encryption by then. This could have the effect
>of simply barring him from using any sort of communicative digital
>technology...making many everyday tasks impossible.
>The only exception in the sentence is his use of encryption as required
>by employment. But it's hard enough for ex-felons to find a job after
>getting released as it is...
>On 11/15/2013 07:57 PM, Privarchy Mee wrote:
>> Can any of you, most of whom I do not doubt are far more
>> about cryptography and how it's conceptualised within the legal
>> offer some insight regarding this?
>> https://twitter.com/CyMadD0x/status/401443518612512769
>> The claim is that Judge Loretta A. Preska, who sentenced Jeremy
>> today, said that for the three years (post-release) that he was to
>> under supervision, he will not be able to use encryption for
>> communication or storage purposes(!) which is practically a legal
>> to go and build a cabin by Walden Pond. How can this be considered
>> anything but cruel and unusual?
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