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An unconventional car: No engine, no transmission, no differential

"Without {onboard computer motion control}, the car is quite difficult to
drive because the wheels are not coordinated," says the National Science
Foundation (NSF)-funded researcher, who also directs the university's
vehicle systems and control laboratory. "You feel like you are driving
something uncontrollable. You could flip over, or travel along an undesired
path, or cause a crash. But when the 'controller' is active, based on
feedback loops, the vehicle motion can be controlled, just as the driver

Powerline: The First Battle of America's Energy War
by Paul Wellstone  // murdered in plane crash

"The inspiring story of a grassroots rebellion. Powerline describes the
opposition of rural Minnesotans to the building of a high voltage powerline
across 430 miles of farmland from central North Dakota to the Twin Cities
suburbs. Convinced that the safety of their families and the health of
their land was disregarded in favor of the gluttonous energy consumption of
cities, the farmer-led prairie revolt began as questioning and escalated to
rampant civil disobedience, peaking in 1978 when nearly half of Minnesota's
state highway patrol was engaged in stopping sabotage of the project. After
construction was completed, the powerline proved difficult to defend and
unprecedented guerrilla warfare brought many towers to the ground (due to
"bolt weevils"). Through pulse-quickening personal interviews and
big-picture analysis, Powerline lays bare the latent and unexpected power
of the people of rural America--and resonates strongly with today's energy

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