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Mildly interesting, for those who have an interest ?


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According to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), you shouldn't use vowels in your password!

The DFAS web site myinvoice.csd.disa.mil is instituting new password requirements starting tomorrow. The details can be found at the site (if you're willing to read a PDF hosted by DOD that is).

DFAS brings us two significant improvements to password/PIN security by forbidding the use of vowels, and requiring that password/PINs be EXACTLY 15 characters long (no more, no less). I'd guess that the first requirement is to prevent people from using dictionary words. The second requirement is probably due to some obscure issue with their use of an Oracle Java front-end.

This is from a web site that until recently ( and I believe still does) required the use of IE and Java 6. Logging in use to require clicking through no less than 3-4 security warning pop-ups.
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