key challenge results

coderman coderman at
Tue Nov 5 01:34:49 PST 2013

vast majority of players (63*) were able to encrypt to my key even
though the email address did not match. (no address would, nor could
you query a key server for it)

this is a much better result than i expected, as some "friendly"
clients have trouble encrypting without an email match.

the onion reference a ruse, misdirection.
  hidden services not required to encrypt ;)
same for invalid creation date, however,
  i'd love to know if anyone had a client complain on create date.

as for the rest, i did enjoy the quotation discussion tangent!

best regards,


*unofficial tally:
63 successful players
3 failed attempts
1 anon recipient (extra credit :)

clients (unverified) including: GnuPG, BCPG, OpenPGP.js, Why do you
need to know? on platforms spanning Linux, BSD, Windows, OSX.

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