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--Freedom 2.0 gives consumers free access to the most easy-
to-use privacy and security features, including a personal
firewall, form filler, cookie manager, ad manager and
keyword alert--

Montreal - December 12, 2000 - Zero-Knowledge(R) Systems
Inc., the leading developer of privacy solutions for
consumers and business, today unveiled the next generation
version of its award-winning Freedom(R) Internet Privacy
Suite. Freedom 2.0 now offers five standard privacy and
security features as a free download in addition to
enhanced paid premium services of untraceable private email
and anonymous private browsing and chat.

"The Freedom 2.0 Internet Privacy Suite affirms Zero-
Knowledge Systems' commitment to creating strong,
transparent and easy-to-use solutions that protect
individual privacy and security on the Internet," said
Austin Hill, president of Zero-Knowledge Systems. "From its
new free standard features to the unmatched privacy
protection of its enhanced premium services, Freedom
addresses every need of Internet users who want to protect
themselves and control their personal information, security
and privacy."

Freedom 2.0 builds upon the first version's unmatched
premium services by offering five essential privacy and
security features as a free download and substantial
enhancements to its paid premium services of untraceable
encrypted email and anonymous private browsing and chat.
Users who upgrade to the premium services gain access to
the global Freedom Network of servers and create
untraceable pseudonyms or "nyms." The nyms allow customers
to select different digital identities for their online
activities. All nym traffic is encrypted and routed through
the Freedom Network, ensuring complete privacy for
browsing, chat, email and Telnet. Freedom's already
intuitive ease-of-use and striking appearance have also
been improved with this version's completely redesigned
user interface.

Freedom 2.0 Internet Privacy Suite Free Standard Features

* Personal Firewall - Protect against malicious hackers
Freedom's personal firewall controls both incoming and
outgoing Internet connections and alerts users of any
unauthorized attempts to connect to their computer by
malicious hackers or outside entities.  This feature is
critical for consumers with an "always-on" DSL or cable
modem connection.

* Form Filler - Speed up and secure online registrations
and transactions
Freedom automatically fills out forms and remembers
passwords, making online registrations and purchases a
snap. Users can either use information from their true
identity, create a pseudonymous identity or have the Form
Filler generate random information. Unlike other products
that require users to store their personal information on a
company server, Freedom's Form Filler encrypts and stores
sensitive information on the user's computer, where only
they have access to it.

* Cookie Manager - Prevent websites from tracking activities
Freedom lets Internet users take advantage of the cookies
they want while blocking or deleting the ones they don't.
Unlike other stand-alone or browser based solutions that
lump cookies together, Freedom's Cookie Manager sorts
cookies into individual "Cookie Jars." This allows users to
manage each online identity separately, and control how
much information websites record about browsing habits.

* Ad Manager - Control ads and speed up browsing
Freedom's Ad Manager speeds up the Web browsing experience
by getting desired information to the user faster, while
removing the clutter of unwanted ads. It also prevents
activity-tracking cookies and "Web bugs" from being dropped
onto their computer.

* Keyword Alert - Prevent personal information from leaving
the computer
Freedom's Keyword Alert instantly scans all outgoing
communications and warns users before sending sensitive or
identifying information. For example, parents can set
Freedom to scan for the real name or telephone number of
their children and Freedom will show an alert before
releasing that information.

Freedom 2.0 Internet Privacy Suite Premium Services

* Untraceable Encrypted Email - Secure and privatize email
Freedom lets Internet users send and receive encrypted
email from existing email applications to ensure that no
one, including their ISP, can open or read it. The true
identity of Freedom users is protected since no one can
associate the user with their nym's address. Freedom also
blocks unsolicited bulk email (spam) from reaching their

* Anonymous Browsing & Chat - Go online undetected
Freedom lets users enjoy untraceable access to the Internet
by way of private routes through the Freedom Network. These
private access routes prevent anyone from tracing a user's
online activities or from determining their physical
location, guaranteeing a completely private Web browsing,
Telnet and chat room experience.

Zero-Knowledge's commitment to releasing the source code to
the Freedom system has set the standard for consumer
privacy products by allowing anyone to verify how the
system performs. This assures Freedom provides the promised
protection. As the recognized privacy leader, Zero-
Knowledge is fulfilling its commitment to deploy consumer
products that are open and transparent.

Among other accolades, Freedom 1.0 was named 2000's "Most
Promising Internet Newcomer" by PC World, was called "the
Rolls-Royce of privacy software" by Yahoo! Internet Life
and received a 5/5 editor's rating from PC Magazine. ZDNet
also gave Zero-Knowledge's Customer Support group a 10/10
rating for technical support.

Availability and Pricing
Freedom for Windows 95/98, 2000, Me and Linux is available
as a free download at http://www.freedom.net. Premium
services can be purchased for US $49.95 per year. A
Macintosh version of Freedom is expected in 2001.

About Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Zero-Knowledge Systems (http://www.zeroknowledge.com) is
the leading provider of privacy enabling technologies and
services for both consumers and enterprise. Zero-Knowledge
Managed Privacy Services
(http://www.zeroknowledge.com/business) provides expert
consultation and privacy-enhancing solutions that enable
businesses to comply with privacy legislation, maximize
customer relationships and build consumer trust without
violating privacy. Zero-Knowledge Freedom Internet Privacy
Suite provides consumers free access to the most easy-to-
use privacy and security features -- including a personal
firewall, form filler, cookie manager, ad manager and
keyword alert -- in addition to its leading paid premium
services offering untraceable private email and anonymous
browsing and chat. Freedom 2.0 for Windows 95/98, 2000, Me
and Linux is available as a free download at
http://www.freedom.net and Freedom source code is available
at http://opensource.zeroknowledge.com.

Journalists can visit the Zero-Knowledge pressroom at

 (Freedom, Zero-Knowledge and Managed Privacy Services are
registered trademarks of Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc. All
other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.)

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