Public Key Infrastructure: An Artifact...

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At 04:47 PM 11/22/00 -0800, Bram Cohen wrote:
>On Wed, 22 Nov 2000 Lynn.Wheeler at wrote:

>>the other scenerio that some certification agencies have
>>expressed (i.e. licensing bureaus, bbb, consumer report, etc
>>operations) is that in the online world ... that they would
>>provide an online service .... rather than certificates
>>designed for an offline world.

>Yes, it seems fairly well established that revocations just
>plain don't work.

>Once again, the solution to the problems of offline
>operation appears to be online operation.

And the annoying thing about this is that once we go to
needing an online trusted third party to allow us to have
secure communications, we may as well chuck the public key
stuff and just use symmetric ciphers and the key exchange
protocols worked out ten or fifteen years ago.  Which makes
me suspect that we're just not using public key mechanisms
very intelligently yet.  We've realized that screws are
better for many jobs than nails, it's just that they're so
damned hard to hammer in....

>-Bram Cohen

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