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> Oct 19, 2000 - 06:55 AM
>             California Court Declines to Review
>             Vehicle Forfeiture Law
>             The Associated Press
>             SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The state Supreme Court has
>             declined to review a ruling allowing police to seize vehicles
>             suspected of use in crimes such as drug dealing or soliciting
>             a prostitute.
>             Without comment, a majority of justices Wednesday decided
>             not to hear the American Civil Liberties Unions challenge to
>             Oaklands 1997 vehicle seizure law.

Naturally, a chemical solution (pun not directly intended...but I'll take it
anyway) becomes apparent.  If the ultimate motivation of the car siezures is
to sell them and keep the money, what would happen if somebody acquired a
few ounces or gallons of PCB's (poly-chlorinated biphenyls; common in
20+year-old (non-electrolytic) capacitors), and sprayed them (only a very
tiny amount per car should be necessary, maybe 1 milliliter or so?) into
those siezed cars though a broken window (or injected through door seals).
Naturally, it would  be important to anonymously call the local newspaper or
TV stations and report on what had occurred, possibly the EPA as well.  That
car would suddenly change from a $10,000 asset into possibly a $100,000
liability for the agency which siezed them..

Just a thought

Jim Bell
Better Living Through Chemistry

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