Congress on verge of approving warrantless secret searches [Free Republic]

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["Pretended legislation" -- courtesy of Orrin Hatch.]

"all should recognize that this is an act of "pretended legislation", void
and without force from the day Xlinton signs it.  For now, the only thing
we can do is add it to the list of crimes that will appear in the Second
Declaration of Independence (the phrase, "acts of pretended legislation"
comes from the First Declaration and means laws passed without authority to
do so).
"15 Posted on 10/07/2000 05:50:04 PDT by Jim Noble"

"The bill in question comes from Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).  It is S.  2516, "The Fugitive Apprehension Act." The
bill allows the government to obtain any kind of document it wants, without
first getting a search warrant or a subpoena from a court."

"Should S.  2516 become law, it would set a precedent for warrantless,
secret searches on other subjects-including firearms laws.  This is one
reason why Barr, one of the staunchest Second Amendment defenders in
Congress, is opposing the bill.

"There is also a possibility that S.  2516 may be snuck through as an
amendment to HR
3048, "The Presidential Protection Act of 2000." Of course S.  2516 has
nothing to do with Presidential Protection.  Instead, the bill is about
constitutional destruction."

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