Software for pop-ups and anti-virus

Peter A Steeves logical at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

Do you hate receiving Pop Ups while on-line?  Get this Pop Up Killer 
from . Pop Up Killer shoots them dead.  It's 
FREE and I love it.

A friend told me about a new FREE Virus killer called Anti Vir.  
I downloaded it today from 
Good Lord, it found 3 different viruses on my computer that 
McAfee, Inoculate, PC-illin and 
could not find.  Anti Vir searched through 111,000 files on my 
two hard drives.  The best of the other 4 only searched through 
80,000 files.  How could they miss the other 31,000 files?

Good Health and Happiness to you All.
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