CDR: Survey for New Service: Qchex !

Qchex Research research at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

Dear Bank Account Holder: is a new financial service for consumers and businesses. It allows users with internet access and 
an existing bank account to instantly send bankable checks to anybody's email address both domestically and internationally, 
thus by-passing all handling, postage and banking fees associated with pre-printed checks. 
Upon receipt, Qchex are printed out on the recipient's desktop printer including all characteristics of a regular check. 

In an effort to ensure adequate functionality and user experience of this new service, we would like to 
hear your opinion and feedback from a user perspective.  Please click on the following link to experience 
Qchex by setting up a test account or an existing bank account and email a check to yourself or to someone 
you would like to send payment. After your review please click on the link  <Feedback and Questions> on the 
Qchex home page and send us a brief summary of your thoughts.

Thank you for your assistance and help!

NEW:  Qchex - Free Check Printing anywhere on the internet!

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