[Neuclear-general] VERAX Beta Dollar the second NeuClear asset is

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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 16:06:23 -0500

I am pleased to announce the new VERAX Beta site at:

As VERAX is one of the primary sponsors of NeuClear this is an
important step. It is also the first NeuClear asset that will have
some kind of value. While it in no way is a hard currency. For more
details of the value see it's asset rules at:

VERAX is currently giving away $50 Beta Dollars to each account. So go
try it out.

>From a technical standpoint the VERAX Beta introduces integration with
the NeuClear Directory at http://pkyp.org. When you go to the Transfer
page you have the choice of entering an account url, account id  or
searching the directory for keywords.

Try creating your own account page with the NeuClear Personal Trader
and people can search for you directly from the transfer screen. Of
course this is still completely optional. You can still receive
payments to your 32 character account id for privacy reasons.

Of course feedback is always welcome.


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