Using A Proxy To Visit Blocked Sites <p>

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Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

>From: CJ  (cj5000 at <br>
>Subject: Unblocking sites so I can access? (Issue #422) <p>

CJ, <p>

Two such sites that allows proxy surfing are: <br> and . <p>

However, if you cannot get to that site then obviously it will not work. 
Also note, that if your ISP is dictating to you which sites you may or 
may not visit, then it is time to change providers! <p>

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<b>SITES TO REVIEW:</b><p>

Site #124: <a href=""></a><br>
Dale Pike <br>
rhinopez at <p>
Site #125: <a href=""></a><br>
Dawn Clemons <br>
dclemons7 at <p>

Site #126: <a href=""></a> <br>
Carol Cohen <br>
Opp0rtunity at <p>
		<p><b>SITE REVIEWED:</b><p>

Comments on Site #123: <a href=""></a><br>
Dennis <br>
damorganjr at<br>

I reviewed site 123 and found the size of the font to be too aggressive and 
I don't like mustard yellow for a background. Also in the second or third 
paragraph is a misspelled word which should be "first-come" not as 
shown on the page.<p>

I feel a sample of the type of information offered in the newsletter should 
be displayed on the page as well as a sample of the free ads offered 
on the site. I will probably submit a free ad just to see the content of the newsletter.  <p>

As has been mentioned many times, some information about the person 
doing the page is always good.  We need some information about 
why this newsletter will be worthwhile to subscribe to. <br>

Dennis - I took a look at your site, and have recommendations 
for improving your page.<br>
1- I use Internet Explorer and view web pages with my text size set to 
'smaller'. The text you used was quite large, like a font used for a heading 
for all the text. By making the text size smaller it wouldn't feel like 
you were screaming at me. Also, the background was just too much.<br>
2- There were spelling errors in the text. Often it might be difficult for you 
to spot these yourself if you see the page all the time, but have a friend 
look it over. Spelling errors make the page look unprofessional.<br>
3- Offer a sample of your newsletter so people can see what it looks like 
before they subscribe. Also, if you are asking for a person to give you 
their email address, you MUST have a privacy policy and let them know 
they can unsubscribe.<br>
4- Think about adding a form for people to subscribe to the newsletter. 
It looks more professional than just offering an email address to send to.<br>
5- Offer information about yourself, and the kinds of information your 
newsletter contains. Maybe extend your site to include back issues or 
an archive to see what information you have offered in the past.<br>
6- Build another page for 'sponsoring info' and put prices on that 
page. Remove all pricing information from the home page.<br>

I feel that the background is a little too bold and busy for the text. 
I also believe that the text is too large which makes it difficult to read 
quickly, and forces the reader to scroll down unnecessarily. 
I noticed some spelling errors, and I think that a link to the classifieds 
site should be provided, and online payments should be accepted. 
A site that sells advertising should have advertisments on it!<br>

This is a very clear site with nothing interfering with the 
message.  I did not like the background colour, however that is 
personal, it did not detract from the information.  I was tempted 
to sign up for the newsletter but would have liked a link to see 
a current issue. There was an error in the wording (a word 
missed) which needs correction and I think the fonts could be 
smaller. Overall a non-confusing site which makes a nice change. *cheers*<br>


Could use a better background and the fonts are very large, there also 
are errors in the following paragraphs : 
"first com-first serve" and "to place a sponsor advertisement, 
send your to my email"<br>

A single page site. It is necessary to subscribe to the webmaster's 
newsletter to see what he's doing, and it doesn't seem to me to be 
a way to get people to visit. I wouldn't, for example. He claims to 
have lots of tidbits of information that, he says, we probably 
didn't know, and this is possible, but in my opinion, he would be 
better served if he at least put some of the things out there for 
all to see - when the appetite, so to speak, if he want people to 
subscribe. As it is, I would not bother.<br>

What does one expect from a site like netsbestinfo? Some useful 
resources and some useful tips and also some forms of easy 
advertisement on the net. But what we get here is a newsletter 
with the owner (whose email reads damorgarjr at 
asking us to subscribe us to his newsletter for a free 4-line ad. 
He also tells of paid category of advertisements. This is all we get 
from a site which has a grand title. Even the information about 
the newsletter is hardly impressive and is presented in about 35-to-40 
points size which gets difficult to read. <br>

A neat enough site but the background could be a little hard on 
the eyes. There is only really one problem with this page - its 
just an advertisement for a newsletter. No, scratch that, its an 
advertisement to place free ads in a newsletter. A bold enough 
move perhaps but I learned hardly anything about the newsletter 
itself and immediately started worrying about getting a flood of 
ads to my email account so I didn't even subscribe. Presumably 
you'd want to get people to sign up so might I suggest splitting 
the page into the newsletter itself, perhaps a sample issue, 
a privacy policy and a promise not to drown in ads and then click 
for more info on your free ads. <p>


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To make this as easy as possible for you, just click on the e-mail 
address that matches your choice - you do not need to enter 
any information in the subject or body of the message.<p>

I have included a note from Jana, and the links to Teddy's  
current site along with the three new designs:<p>

>From Jana: The pages have been created as non-frame pages 
although with minor modification, the pages could be adapted 
for use in a frames environment<p>

Please take a look at the existing site: <a href=""></a><p>

Here are the 3 redesigns: <p>

<a href=""></a><br>
Vote for this design:  <a href="mailto:design1 at">design1 at</a><p>

<a href=""></a><br>
Vote for this design:  <a href="mailto:design2 at">design2 at</a><p>

<a href=""></a><br>
Vote for this design:  <a href="mailto:design3 at">design3 at</a><p>

You will have all of this week to vote (through June 29), and 
we'll list the favorite and most voted for layout next week.  
Teddy of course will be able to choose his favorite, and 
colors, font style/size, backgrounds, textures, etc, can all 
easily be changed on the "layout" that he likes. 
Free website re-designs and original graphics are provided to 
FLN Showcase winners courtesy of AkkaBay Designs. 
<a href=""> </a><p>

If you have any questions about how this works or how you can 
participate, please email Amy at <a href="mailto:Moderator at> Moderator </a><p>
moderator:Amy Mossel <br>
posting: <a href="MyInput at">MyInput at</a><br>

Send posts and questions (or your answers) to:<br>
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Please send suggestions and comments to:<br>
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