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>Subject: Unblocking sites so I can access? (Issue #422) <p>

--> I am currently living in a place where the ISP is 
blocking 50% of 
the web. I was told by someone that you can unblock these web sites by 
using a proxy, but I don't know what that means. I am wondering is 
there a way to get access to these sites? -- <br>
A proxy is easy to use if you use someone elses, they can be tricky to setup yourself. 
I have had very good results with Surfola. Basically you surf to their servers and then 
from there you surf Through/From their servers. I have several places I surf from that 
block content. Surfola easily bypasses them! Its also Free! You can also make money 
with them but I just use them to bypass anal retentive ISP/Corporate providers and 
because they allow me to surf anonymously! <p>

I have a detailed right-up on them at <a href=""> </a>
See there for more info. If anything is not clear feel free to ask. 
(Email & Sign-up Links on page) <p>

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