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sunder sunder at
Tue Dec 10 11:45:29 PST 2019

> I tend to just string up lots of characters, so my passphrases look like
>  ^#.;Odfi9 at 7f$}'~%42w0,m:Qe_|33+\  and so on.

Why the heck would you need a password this big? There are 94 printable
characters (0x33 .. 0x7E); a random password 32 chars long (like the above)
will thus have ~ 1.38 x 10^63 possibilities, meaning 210 bits of entropy
(10^63 = O(2^210)). What, do you intend to use your password as a public

A password made of the same character set, but only 8 chars long, will
provide 94^8 ~= 6 x 10^15 = O(2^50) combinations. I'd say that's plenty -
remember, it's a password, not a key.


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