Security Update 2002-08-02 for OpenSSL, Sun RPC, mod_ssl

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Security Update 2002-08-02 is now available.  It contains fixes for
vulnerabilities in:

    OpenSSL:  Fixes security vulnerabilities CAN-2002-0656,
       CAN-2002-0655, and CAN-2002-0659.  Details are available via:

    mod_ssl:  Fixes CAN-2002-0653, an off-by-one buffer overflow in the
       mod_ssl Apache module.  Details are available via:

    Sun RPC:  Fixes CAN-2002-039, a buffer overflow in the Sun RPC XDR
       Details are available via:

Affected systems:  Mac OS X client and Mac OS X Server

Note:  Mac OS X client is configured by default to have these services
off, and is only vulnerable if the user has enabled network services
which rely
on the affected components.  It is still recommended for Mac OS X
client users
to apply this security update to their system.

System requirements:  Mac OS X 10.1.5

Security Update 2002-08-02 may be obtained from:

   * Software Update pane in System Preferences

   * Apple's Software Downloads web site:

       SSL server:

To help verify the integrity of Security Update 2002-08-02 from the
Software Downloads web site:

    The download file is titled:  SecurityUpd2002-08-02.dmg
    Its SHA-1 digest is:  54f6eebe0398181db8f1129403bc5e184e3b7367

Information will also be posted to the Apple Product Security web site:

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